Proactive Over Reactive: Foresight for Quality Care

Though there is no way to know about every event in life before it happens, some measures can be taken to help steady the course and veer toward desired results. Planning ahead to avoid certain outcomes, having strategies in place, and building a system of support are proactive steps that can steer us in the […]

Awareness for Alzheimer’s and Support from Aqua Home Care

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and it continues to be diagnosed in hundreds of thousands of individuals each year. Classified as a neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s affects the areas of the brain responsible for thought-processing, behavior and memory. It reduces the neuron’s ability to carry messages to different parts of the brain, and […]

Living Your Life with Care on Your Schedule

How you spend your day matters, and each moment of comfort and contentment is truly invaluable. Time that is spent in familiar surroundings, with loved ones, outdoors, or in happiness is precious, and living life in a way that brings you joy makes all the difference. When circumstances that impact daily living arise, however, life […]

Calling Aqua Home Care: Your First Step Toward Trusted Support at Home

When support is needed to perform activities of daily living, you may find yourself considering personal care services. Whether for a duration that is temporary or long-term, entering this period of life brings to mind many thoughts and questions. When finding yourself in need of everyday assistance, you may be asking: Where do I turn […]

Managing Specific Care Needs with Aqua Home Care

When conditions that impede activities of daily living are present, having a strong support system can make all the difference. In some cases, managing specific care needs requires a degree of assistance. Knowing that a trusted professional who truly cares is nearby can help ease concerns and bring peace of mind. While family may not […]

Living Life: More Milestone Moments with In-Home Care

Life is filled with moments that range on a scale of bitter to sweet, and certainly some do fall in the very middle. It is no wonder why, through times of hardship and times of wonder, we want to be near those closest to our hearts. For many, a great fear is no longer having […]

Cataract Awareness and Support from Your In-Home Caregiver

While eye health is important all year long, August shines a special light on cataract awareness. Typically found in aging adults or those who have experienced an eye injury, cataracts form when proteins and fibers in the eye’s lens break down. This process happens over the span of years, and individuals will notice changes in […]

Stability and Mobility: Safe Maneuverings with Aqua Home Care

Moving about one’s home is a routine venture. With its layout so mapped and ingrained, many claim they can perform a walkthrough with their eyes closed. Despite this familiarity, however, having the stability to maneuver in a safe, steady manner makes a great difference. Traveling from room to room, avoiding fall hazards, going up and […]

Enhanced Quality Living with Top-Quality Care Services

With the right team, requiring care services at home doesn’t come at the expense of quality living. When the highest standard of in-home care is being provided in a way that effectively meets individual needs, daily life is enhanced rather than diminished. Here at Aqua Home Care, we understand that life can take unexpected turns, […]

Comfortably Cool with Care at Home

As we approach the official start of summer, we also approach some of the highest temperatures that will be felt throughout our Sunshine State in the coming months. Though years of living on this tropical peninsula may have acclimated many residents to such conditions, heat safety is applicable to even the most seasoned of Floridians. […]