Infection Prevention Week


International Infection Prevention Week is observed each year in October. During this time, healthcare professionals along with other individuals help to raise awareness about the importance of preventing infections and how to best protect oneself from them. This year we take perhaps an especially closer look at how to remain healthy and, in turn, maintain quality of life. Staying well and preventing illness is always of utmost importance, and the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly magnified this notion. Now more than ever, people all over the world are adopting daily practices that decrease the likelihood of contraction of viral and bacterial infections. 

When it comes to receiving high-standard in-home care services, we at Aqua Home Care believe infection prevention should be put into practice all year long. Our team refers highly trained, compassionate caregivers who understand viral and bacterial spread and who implement infection prevention strategies. Having a caregiver with a strong background and knowledge of how to avert illness and maintain good health is imperative. Some in-home care recipients may be even more susceptible to contract an infection than others due to an impaired immune system or other factors. Caregivers we refer offer a wide range of services to their clients that aid in supporting and maintaining healthy living, including:

  • Heavy Cleaning – Mopping, cleaning under furniture and behind refrigerators/ovens, scrubbing bathrooms, laundry etc. to prevent bacteria and mold
  • Sanitization – Ensuring that surfaces are properly disinfected along with washing linens, masks, etc.
  • Food Storage and Meal Prep – Ensuring that food is kept in a proper place at an appropriate temperature and then properly prepared in a cleanly manner
  • Wound Dressing – Changing and cleaning of wounds and bandages as recommended
  • Medication Reminders – Alerting the client when it is time to take their medications
  • Personal Hygiene Maintenance – Assisting the client with showering, bathing, grooming, hand washing, teeth brushing and cleanliness after using the facilities
  • Social Distancing – Assisting the client with maintaining proper distance in public, shopping online, using social platforms to interact with friends/family, etc.

Living in clean surroundings, taking medications as recommended and practicing proper hygiene play key roles in staying healthy and avoiding serious health hazards. Our Aqua Home Care team places the safety and well-being of caregivers and their clients at the top of the list with measures in place that are conducive to maintaining wellness and quality of life. In honor of International Infection Prevention Week, we wish everyone in our community and beyond good health and much success with preventative practices.

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