Medication Management


Maintaining one’s health is imperative for quality living. Routinely remembering and following doctor’s orders is a responsibility of great importance and plays a key role in everyday wellness. From reducing troublesome symptoms to regulating the body’s proper levels of functioning, there are a variety of reasons to take medications on time and as directed. While it may seem like an uncomplicated task, those experiencing inconsistences with memory can have a more difficult time with this essential routine.

As part of a well-rounded selection of in-home care options, those in need of medication reminders can benefit from choosing this option as part of their custom care plan. Having a caregiver who is privy to the scheduling, dosage and special directions of each medication helps the client stay on track with reminders throughout the day or night. Our Aqua Home Care team pairs those in need of in-home care services with trusted caregivers from our registry who compassionately and effectively meet everyday needs, including providing medication reminders. Benefits of this service includes helping to ensure that:

  • Correct dosage is taken
  • Medication is taken on time
  • Food/water is consumed with medication, if directed
  • Expiration dates are monitored
  • Medication bottles are stored in proper locations/temperatures
  • Reminders and assistance are provided when it is time to refill prescriptions

Certain conditions can make managing medications more difficult. It may be beneficial to have a trusted source nearby who can offer reminders for when and how medication should be taken according to instructions. In combination with meeting daily needs, Aqua Home Care refers reliable caregivers who can take on the task of helping their clients manage their medications. By creating a tailored care plan for each individual, caregivers are informed regarding personal needs, daily routines and schedules, medications, and more. Peace of mind is only a phone call away with Aqua Home Care. Let us lead you to the quality in-home care experience you need and deserve.

Recent Testimonials
Karine Blanchard
Boca Raton

The Staff was very attentive to my mother’s needs and my mom appreciated their service.

Jacob Katz
Boca Raton

My Aid was very well trained, intelligent, caring, a pleasure to be around, and always concerned both my wellbeing and safety.

Glen Faber
Boca Raton

The staff at Aqua made this a positive experience, I would give Aqua Home Care 6 out of 5 stars.

Pauletta Brooks
Boca Raton

I greatly appreciated Aqua Home Care, especilly that I could discuss my needs. I will definitely use their services again and recommend them highly.

Allen Remeny
Boca Raton

We were recommended to Aqua Home Care, the staff took great pride in caring for my family member. The recommendation has definitely not gone unrecognized.

kenneth hirsch
Boca Raton

When your family member is in need of care, it can be stressful. Aqua Home Care took stress off our shoulders and we are greatful.

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