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A significant component to living well and maintaining quality living is ensuring good health. Balancing exercise, eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated helps clear the road to a healthy lifestyle and benefits to overall well-being. While managing your health on a daily basis should include as much of the aforementioned as possible, some must also incorporate medications into their routine in order to stay well. When an ailment or health issue affects everyday life, a prescription may be issued to manage symptoms and keep the condition under control.

When medication is taken as prescribed, consideration as to when, how often, dosage, with/without food and mindfulness to side effects better ensures that anticipated results will be seen. Improper use of medication, however, can lead to various medical problems, many of which are quite serious. Unfortunately, individuals who are facing memory loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia or other conditions may have a more difficult time taking their medication properly.

Aqua Home Care refers in-home caregivers to those in need of services who wish to receive care in the comfort of their own home. We use a reputable registry of reliable caregivers who provide their clients with an expansive list of service options, including medication reminders. Ensuring well-being at all times, an in-home care recipient in need of medication reminders benefits from having a caregiver who will:

• Keep track of when to take the medication and provide reminders

• Offer food and/or water if the medication must be taken with such

• Monitor the correct dosage

• Watch for side effects

• Monitor expiration dates

• Assist with prescription refills

• Ensure medication is properly stored

Keeping our bodies in fine working order is paramount, and sometimes medication must be taken in order to maintain better health. Aqua Home Care is committed to the well-being and safety of those seeking our in-home care referral services which is why we refer caregivers who offer a wide range of in-home care services geared toward meeting the needs of each unique individual. Providing medication reminders is one of the many services benefiting individuals who receive in-home care. To find the care you need to live well and to stay well under your own roof, Aqua Home Care is here to answer your call.

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