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Individualized personal care and hands-on assistance with activities of daily living (ADL's)

Aqua Home Care‘s commitment to enhancing the quality of life is reflected in our personalized approach to caregiving. Personal care and Activities of Daily Living are at the core of our services, encompassing a range of essential activities necessary for maintaining independence and overall well-being. At Aqua Home Care, we understand that these activities are not just tasks but integral components of daily life, and our caregivers are dedicated to providing assistance that goes beyond the physical aspects, ensuring dignity, comfort, and a sense of normalcy for our clients.

Our Personal Care & ADLs services at Aqua Home Care are designed to address the unique needs of each individual we serve. From assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and mobility to help with toileting and maintaining personal hygiene, our caregivers are trained to provide support with sensitivity and respect. We understand that these activities are deeply personal, and our goal is to ensure that each client feels comfortable and empowered in their daily routines. Our Aqua Team is committed to fostering a sense of independence while offering assistance tailored to individual abilities and preferences, allowing our clients to maintain their dignity and autonomy.

In addition to basic personal care, our caregivers at Aqua Home Care extend their services to include assistance with instrumental Activities of Daily Living (iADLs) such as meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and running errands. These services are crucial for maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment, promoting overall well-being and enhancing the quality of life for our clients.

Our caregivers in Jupiter, Florida not only provide essential assistance with daily activities but also bring a touch of compassion and understanding to the lives of our clients. Experience the excellence of Personal Care & ADLs services in Jupiter, where Aqua Home Care is not just a service but a dedicated partner in enhancing the quality of life for those we serve. Our caregivers in Jupiter understand the unique character of the town and are committed to providing personalized care that respects the values and lifestyle of the local community. 

With Aqua Home Care in Jupiter, clients receive not only assistance but also a supportive presence that enhances their daily routines and contributes to their overall well-being.

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Yes, all care providers must pass a Level 2 Background Screening (requires fingerprinting). Aqua Home Care ensures care providers have met all state requirements prior to being registered and referred to clients. Once registered, they must maintain all credentials in order to remain active with the Nurse Registry.

Yes, we work with all Long Term Care Insurance companies. Aqua Home Care assists clients and family members throughout the entire Long Term Care (LTC) claims process. This includes checking policy benefits, submitting care logs, invoices and other required documentation to help expedite reimbursement for services.

Yes, Aqua Home Care is a Florida licensed Nurse Registry and is bonded and insured. Additionally, referred care providers carry individual professional liability policies and must meet all credentialing requirements set forth by the state.

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Jacob Katz
My Aid was very well trained, intelligent, caring, a pleasure to be around, and always concerned both my wellbeing and safety.
Robert Fox
I would definitely recommend Aqua Home Care, I am overall very happy with management and prompt response to our needs.
Norm Amstutz
Aqua is the answer to home care. Aqua Home Care will work with you to find the perfect fit for any situation.
Glen Faber
The staff at Aqua made this a positive experience, I would give Aqua Home Care 6 out of 5 stars.
Karine Blanchard
The Staff was very attentive to my mother’s needs and my mom appreciated their service.
Allen Remeny
We were recommended to Aqua Home Care, the staff took great pride in caring for my family member. The recommendation has definitely not gone