The Security of Home


It seems that, now more than ever, home is a true haven. Not only does it offer shelter and a place that houses memories and personal effects, but security from forces seen, and in these times unseen, as well. “Safer at home” has become the new motto, and it certainly proves to be accurate in a way that many of us have never known. While there may be an urge to return to the outside world and resume life as once before, we are collectively moving through a stage where good health is highly dependent on staying in. Home is the safest place we can be, and the value in simply being able to stay safe in the places we call home is tremendous.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we have been able to help residents of the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas who require daily living care stay in their own homes while they receive the support they need. Through this service, we have seen firsthand the comfort and security home provides. In-home care is an alternative option to nursing homes and other care centers that has rapidly grown in popularity over the years. It is no surprise to us as having the choice to remain in one’s own familiar surroundings is quite often preferred. Throughout this time, we continue to ensure that those utilizing our in-home caregiver referral services as well as the caregivers we refer are as safe as possible. CDC guidelines and recommendations are being followed to promote and maintain health and wellness. For those receiving in-home care services who are especially at risk, not having to leave home is paramount.

The walls that surround us and the roof above us provide so much more now than we possibly would have ever thought. Home is a true shield, a protective barrier that enables those inside to ride out this wave that is sweeping over the world. In-home caregivers are doing their part by bringing much needed support to the homes of their clients while taking preventative measures. Heavy housecleaning, disinfecting surfaces and good hygiene practices are all proactive ways to avoid exposure, and in-home caregivers continue to offer these services to aid their clients and their homes.

As we get through these uncertain times, we at Aqua Home Care make certain to do all that we can. Referring trusted caregivers and remaining in contact with in-home care recipients for quality assurance is ongoing. Implementing practices that keep caregivers, clients and homes safe and secure is routine. A place to call home is invaluable, and now more than ever we must ensure that where we reside remains a safe place to be. In-home caregivers are helping with this by making sure homes are kept clean, clients have the assistance they need to preform hygienic tasks, and that they themselves are doing what they can to stay well. We will keep ourselves safe, we will keep each other safe, and we will keep our homes safe so they remain the shields of security we need them to be.

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