A Season of Gratitude with Aqua Home Care


The season of giving thanks is upon us once again and many can be found readying their homes for impending guests, purchasing fine foods fit for a feast, and taking time to reflect upon and express gratitude. With much to do before this week’s annual celebration, many local stores will be bustling as shoppers scramble to find the perfect finishing touches for their grand meal and sort through selections of holiday attire to match the occasion. While Thanksgiving brings families together to sit beside one another and give thanks, the final weeks and days leading up to the event can certainly feel like a marathon.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we help ensure that individuals receiving in-home care through our referral services are able to enjoy their life in a way that suits them best. Continuing traditions despite requiring daily living support can feel especially important when it comes to this special time of year where in-home care recipients look forward to celebrating as they always have. For some, this may include going through festive décor that has been stored away to place around the house, cleaning and organizing spaces to prepare for gatherings, or shopping for needed holiday items. Clients benefit from trusted caregivers who go out of their way to make each day manageable and purposeful, and this remains true during the holiday season when many wish to celebrate as they have in years past. Caregivers from our registry are able to help their clients continue traditions this Thanksgiving by:

  • Providing transportation to grocery stores and other shopping centers
  • Offering support through each store to ensure safety and assist with shopping
  • Helping with unpacking decorations
  • Performing household cleaning tasks
  • Providing transportation to and from homes of family or friends if they are hosting
  • Storing leftovers in proper containers
  • And more

Fellow members of our community and of locations far beyond will be continuing to prepare and organize for the Thanksgiving holiday this week. Our Aqua Home Care team wishes everyone safe shopping and travels during this time. To those who have already joined our Aqua Home Care family, we are thankful for the trust you’ve placed in our team to find you the support you need every day, including during the holidays. For those who may be thinking of in-home care, we look forward to bringing you only the best so you may enjoy and celebrate year-round.

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