Parkinson’s Disease: Meeting your Needs at Home


Being diagnosed with a progressive disease such as Parkinson’s is life-altering, leading to changes and adaptations in everyday routines. Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that develops when dopamine-producing nerve cells in the brain become damaged and, eventually, die off. This, in turn, lowers the amount of dopamine in the body. Decreasing levels of dopamine affect the body’s ability to move and function properly, and early signs of Parkinson’s disease are often associated with limited movement. Tremors, stiffness, poor balance, speech difficulties and even confusion can all be warning signals. Due to its progressive nature, these and other related symptoms may be mild at first with eventual increases in severity over time. Though medications are available to help suppress some of these symptoms, there is currently no known cure.

While most people living with Parkinson’s are diagnosed at sixty years of age and older, early onset can occur in individuals in early adulthood as well. No matter one’s age or stage, Aqua Home Care is here to offer our support. We are committed to matching in-home care recipients with caregivers who have experience caring for those with a variety of needs, including those affected by Parkinson’s disease. We understand that facing this diagnosis takes a toll not only on one’s physical state, but their emotional and mental states as well. Feelings of fear, anger, depression and anxiety are common. It may offer some peace of mind having a trusted, personal caregiver who will provide compassionate, effective care to help make daily living as comfortable as possible right in the comfort of home. In-home support can include

• Bathing and grooming

• Dressing/undressing

• Personal hygiene

• Getting in and out of bed

• Using the facilities

• Mobility assistance

• Meal preparation and feeding

• Housecleaning

• Pet care

• Transportation

• Medication reminders

• Companionship

• And more

Those living with Parkinson’s disease require care from medical professionals, loved ones and even caregivers for daily support. If you or someone you love is living with Parkinson’s and would benefit from receiving in-home care services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Aqua Home Care is here to help find the resources you need and guide you toward the dependable, quality in-home care experience you deserve. Support from dedicated caregivers who truly care is only a phone call away.

Recent Testimonials
Marc Lichtenfeld
Boca Raton

Aqua Home Care was one of the few bright spots during my mother’s health crisis. She couldn’t have done it without them. I strongly recommend.

Michele Goldman
Boca Raton

Aqua Home Care has staff that is so kind and understanding. I am so grateful for this company.

Robert Fox
Boca Raton

I would definitely recommend Aqua Home Care, I am overall very happy with management and prompt response to our needs.

Lou Horowitz
Boca Raton

I highly recommend Aqua Home Care to anyone who needs elder-care for a parent. They are kind, professional, and caring. We couldn’t be more happy.

Gail Goodman
Boca Raton

Aqua Home Care in Boca Raton to help me with an Aide.
I couldn’t have asked for anyone nicer to help me with my daily requirements.

Norm Amstutz
Boca Raton

Aqua is the answer to home care. Aqua Home Care will work with you to find the perfect fit for any situation.

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