Living Life: More Milestone Moments with In-Home Care


Life is filled with moments that range on a scale of bitter to sweet, and certainly some do fall in the very middle. It is no wonder why, through times of hardship and times of wonder, we want to be near those closest to our hearts. For many, a great fear is no longer having that accessibility. Being in proximity to loved ones while remaining a present part of their lives and vice versa is invaluable. The idea of losing this, to whatever degree, can feel quite troubling, and those who find themselves requiring daily living care may worry about having to leave the life they’ve known and loved behind. Fortunately, the option of receiving support right in the comfort of home is available.

With Aqua Home Care, a trusted caregiver will be there to provide quality services in your own familiar surroundings. In-home care recipients enjoy spending their days at home rather than at a care center, with easier access to visiting family members, live-in loved ones and the opportunity to participate in more milestone events. When it comes to birthdays, weddings, holidays, dinners, gatherings, celebrations, and social outings, feelings of loss can settle in when having to miss out. With the support of a compassionate caregiver, clients are able to remain in their own homes and remain present. Care services can also follow clients outside of their homes, further reducing limitations by expanding their options and making it possible to enjoy moments away from home with a source of support by their side. Services that make spending special moments with loved ones more possible include:

  • Mobility assistance
  • Supervision
  • Companionship
  • Transportation
  • Personal care
  • Medication reminders
  • And more

No one wants to put their life on pause, and in-home care is an option that can help. Our Aqua Home Care team refers caregivers who assist their clients with everyday needs, making daily living more manageable and milestone moments more accessible. Should you be seeking in-home care for yourself or for your loved one, know that Aqua Home Care is here with a reputable registry of care professionals who provide trusted support, quality services, and so much more.


Recent Testimonials
Marc Lichtenfeld
Boca Raton

Aqua Home Care was one of the few bright spots during my mother’s health crisis. She couldn’t have done it without them. I strongly recommend.

Michele Goldman
Boca Raton

Aqua Home Care has staff that is so kind and understanding. I am so grateful for this company.

Robert Fox
Boca Raton

I would definitely recommend Aqua Home Care, I am overall very happy with management and prompt response to our needs.

Lou Horowitz
Boca Raton

I highly recommend Aqua Home Care to anyone who needs elder-care for a parent. They are kind, professional, and caring. We couldn’t be more happy.

Gail Goodman
Boca Raton

Aqua Home Care in Boca Raton to help me with an Aide.
I couldn’t have asked for anyone nicer to help me with my daily requirements.

Norm Amstutz
Boca Raton

Aqua is the answer to home care. Aqua Home Care will work with you to find the perfect fit for any situation.

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