The Social Benefit of In-Home Care


There is a deep-rooted desire to reach out to one another. We, as humans, are social creatures and many of us spend a large portion of the day communicating in some way. Whether among coworkers, clients, teammates, neighbors, family or friends, discussions often develop as we express our thoughts, ideas, feelings and more through conversation. Socialization has benefits for people of all ages, though staying social in the same ways we are used to has been put on pause. Living through a viral pandemic has come to mean social distancing in order to limit spread and exposure. Still this precaution, while necessary, isn’t always easy.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we understand the first and foremost importance of maintaining health and wellness. Implementing preventative procedures as recommended by the CDC has been key. We also understand the importance of socialization, and an added benefit for those receiving in-home care is that this part of everyday life can continue. Along with quality support, in-home caregivers offer their clients so much more. Having someone near who truly cares and who takes the time to listen, converse and be present is paramount. For some, certain conditions and health issues may inhibit the ease of going out and being around others. This can feel very isolating, as many of us are now feeling. As they are essential, in-home caregivers are still able to help fulfill the need for interaction while providing daily living care to their clients throughout this time. Social benefits of this include:

  • Feeling less isolated
  • Daily conversation
  • Words of encouragement and hope
  • Assistance with using social platforms to keep in touch with family and friends
  • Companionship

A time will come when we, as a society, can safely return to our usual routines, our adored outings and our missed social interactions. For now, our comradery must be in the form of doing what we each can to prevent spread and limit risk. Here at Aqua Home Care, our appreciation for essential workers is immeasurable. We thank you as well as all caregivers supporting their clients. Your presence in their lives has always been invaluable and, through these sometimes isolating times, offers even more.

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