In-Home Caregivers: Essential for Continued Support at Home


Continuity is often considered to be important, especially when it comes to care. The COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing has imposed disruptions and a discontinuity in the lives of countless individuals. The ramifications of pauses in our usual schedules, delays in routine activities, cancellations of events, hospitalizations, and fear for ourselves and for our susceptible loved ones are being felt all over the globe. Florida is no exception as orders have been put into place for residents to stay at home unless performing essential activities or essential jobs, making ghost towns out of many areas. Healthcare workers and caregivers are considered to be essential, however some nursing homes and assisted living facilities are not allowing visitors, including private duty caregivers who provide supplemental care.

Lapses in care is a concern for many individuals and their families. Thankfully, there is still continuity for those who have been receiving in-home care. Individuals in need of everyday living assistance are still able to have their needs met from their trusted caregiver from the comfort and safety of home. Our Aqua Home Care team has been following all recommended precautions and protocol from the CDC to help ensure health and wellness. We want to enable continuity in care for those in need of support, and we continue to stay informed in order to do so in a way that regards everyone’s well-being. There are many in-home care recipients who fall into the “high-risk” category for serious complications from this virus. Benefits of in-home care prove to be steadfastly helpful through these uncertain times. Along with having personal care needs met, other advantages include:

  • Grocery shopping – Helping the client limit their exposure by bringing groceries to their home
  • Medication reminders – Taking medications as directed helps the client manage their conditions and stay well. This is truly important at all times and continues to be during this health crisis where we must keep ourselves as healthy as possible.
  • Limiting risk for hospitalization – When quality care is being received at home, chances for hospital admission may decrease. This is especially helpful as hospitals are undertaking increasing numbers of patients due to the virus.
  • Companionship – During times where many are experiencing isolation, it can help to have someone you can talk to. In-home caregivers continue to meet their clients needs with the added benefit of being there for social and emotional well-being as well.

In-home caregivers are pillars of support for those in their care. They proceed to provide quality care for their clients, maintaining continuity and dependability while implementing safe practices. Here at Aqua Home Care, we continue to monitor, stay informed and adhere to guidelines. While no one can pinpoint an exact ending date, it is our promise that we will be here throughout this pandemic and after to do all that we can for those in need of support at home.


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