Intimate Routines: Professional Care for Personal Needs


Given its an everyday assignment, carrying out personal care routines seldom garner much thought. Tasks such as teeth brushing, showering, nail clipping, hair combing, dressing and more are often mere snippets next to the day’s grander plans. Also given the more private nature of these routines, they are seldom shared or discussed with others. When assistance is required, however, to meet these daily living needs, a sudden spotlight is shone and thoughts swirl around the “how” and “who” of personal care. How these needs will be met and who will be assisting with them are warranted wonderings. While some do rely on family to provide support, others may feel apprehensive having loved ones assist with their daily needs, especially when those needs are personal.

Feeling comfortable is paramount when receiving care services. While family is often a source of trust, some may wish to keep their more intimate routines separate from them. Whether seeking temporary care for only a short time or something more permanent, our team at Aqua Home Care is here to help. To better ease the stress of finding someone who will be there from the waking hours of the day to nightly routines or longer, we make it our priority to mindfully match trusted, experienced caregivers with individuals seeking personal care services. We pair each individual with a professional, qualified in-home-care provider based on personality and personal needs. Caregivers help their clients complete the personal care routines they may not feel comfortable having a family member experience. Such support can include providing assistance with:

  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Teeth brushing
  • Grooming
  • Using the restroom
  • Showering and bathing
  • Eating
  • Other hygienic needs

Maintaining a sense of dignity, confidence and self-worth is essential when it comes to quality of life. If you have concerns with family members providing personal care and do not wish to leave your home to receive care, consider letting our Aqua Home Care team refer a compassionate, skilled and professional caregiver who will provide the support you are seeking within the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Recent Testimonials
Robert Fox
Boca Raton

I would definitely recommend Aqua Home Care, I am overall very happy with management and prompt response to our needs.

Lou Horowitz
Boca Raton

I highly recommend Aqua Home Care to anyone who needs elder-care for a parent. They are kind, professional, and caring. We couldn’t be more happy.

Gail Goodman
Boca Raton

Aqua Home Care in Boca Raton to help me with an Aide.
I couldn’t have asked for anyone nicer to help me with my daily requirements.

Norm Amstutz
Boca Raton

Aqua is the answer to home care. Aqua Home Care will work with you to find the perfect fit for any situation.

Karine Blanchard
Boca Raton

The Staff was very attentive to my mother’s needs and my mom appreciated their service.

Jacob Katz
Boca Raton

My Aid was very well trained, intelligent, caring, a pleasure to be around, and always concerned both my wellbeing and safety.

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